Roofing Solution To Keep The Building’s Environment Cool

Extended Life upto 5-10 Years

Reduces Energy Use

Saves Electricity upto 10-20%

Building Comfort

Reduces Maintenance Expenses

Solar Reflective Paint System

Product Description

We are living in a highly sophisticated technocrat society, where the demand for more and more sophistication results in environmental pollution. The Primary function of the roof is to protect the underlying structure from the weather for a long period of time, at low cost. The purpose of the “AMAZA ROOF COOLING COATING” is to reflect the sun’s radiation energy, before it penetrates into the interior of the building. One of the best measures for keeping solar heat out of buildings is simply to use reflective roofing materials. The AMAZA ROOF COOLING COATING also keep the building’s environment cool, by reflecting solar energy back out into space.

Prepainted / bare surfaces should be examined for soundness. Any cracks (hairline of otherwise) should be sealed with suitable sealants and allowed to dry. If needed, cement work should be done in affected areas and left for 2-3 weeks to allow complete curing of the layer. Before coating, the surface should be dry, clear and free of any defects.


Apply one coat of Illusion Sealer on terrace and parapet surfaces and let it dry for 3-4 hrs. this will seal the pores of the surface and improve adhesion with Amaza Cool Roof. Apply first coat of Amaza Cool Roof on the dried surface at the rate of 30 sq ft/ltr/coat. Allow it to dry for 6-8 hrs in dry sunny conditions. In cloudy or humidity conditions (RH>60%), allow the coating to dry overnight. Amaza Cool Roof can be applied either by a roller or a trowel. Apply 2nd and 3rd coat at the same rate after drying the previous layer. No dilution is necessary. The product should be used directly out of the can for all 3 coats. Drying time of each coat depends on ambient temperature, relative humidity, application thickness and surface profile.

NatureFree Flowing
Volume Solid 30%
Polymer Type100% Acrylic
Mass / Ltr Depends on Shade
Elongation at Break100%
Tensile Strength (Max)8 kg/8 kg/cm²
Crack BridgingNo Cracking Upto 2mm
Accelerated WeatheringPasses
VOC 30+/-5 gms/Ltr (Low VOC / Lead Free)

Handling & Storage

Keep containers airtight during handling and storage to avoid loss of material. Store Amaza Cool Roof in a cool dry place and also protect it from extreme climatic conditions during storage, in transit and at site.

Safety Measures

Kindly refer to the MSDS for Amaza Cool Roof which gives detailed information on safety measures while handling the paint, which is available on request.

Store the container with the lid tightly closed in an upright position, in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of reach of children and away from eatables.

May be harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical attention. In case of skin contact immediately wash skin with soap and plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation develops or persists.

Wear eye protection during application. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not breathe vapour or spray. It is recommended to wear suitable nose pad during sanding and surface preparation to avoid dust inhalation.

Do not pour leftover paint down the drain or in water courses.

In the event of spills, contain spillage using sand or earth.

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